Infant & Toddler

Infant Daycare Program: 3-12 Months

For 3-12 month program we will provide a warm, nurturing environment as your child grows and becomes familiar with his or her surroundings. Our daycare is surrounded with age appropriate toys, rockers, blankets and other items that will make him or her feel at home. Parents are required to remove their shoes before entering the home to ensure a clean and safe environment for our infants.

We also have a napping room for our infants, with each individual infant having their own crib and sheets. Infant’s schedules depend on the individual child and eventually lead into a morning and afternoon napping schedule.

Our infants have a “Daily Report” that we give it to you every day.

Toddler Daycare Program: 12-24 Months

We support the children as they learn about personal safety, caring for their friends (empathy), cooperation, social emotional transitions, and hygiene. We are a great observer and believe in the importance of strengthening the best in ourselves.

Watch Me Grow Daycare is clean, age appropriate indoor and outdoor environments, developmentally appropriate curriculum emphasizing early literacy and language development, and plenty of activities to keep children engaged (story times, singing, art, dramatic play, indoor/outdoor activities, exercises, yoga, foreign languages, mathematical concepts, puzzles, play dough, cooking, dancing and more.

Our toddlers have a “Daily Report” that we give it to you every day.